Hitachi Vantara powered by Lumada software

Hitachi Vantara powered by Lumada software

Security and comfort are the most important things that technology is thriving to deliver today. Technology is all about data and the use of transferring of data across multiple networks. IOT came into picture with a motive of reducing human intervention while connecting a machine to another machine. Therefore data can now be shared between humans, applications and systems and interacted upon based on the information gathered, to serve a purpose.

Hitachi ICT Lumada is one of the most renowned IoT software in the market in recent times. Check them out today.

The following article from Hitachi Vantara website gives an insight of how you can achieve a lot of business benefits using Lumada IOT software.

The benefits of joining hands with Hitachi Vantara

Benefit from our 107 years of experience in OT and 58 years in IT that we combine in the intelligent, composable internet of things (IoT) platform components with Lumada. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are packaged into solution cores to solve business problems. Lumada’s open architecture lets it run on the cloud, on premise, on the edge, or in the core.

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The benefits of edge computing is huge. From collection to filtration of data, the process not only yields immediate results but has sustaining effects too. The direction of your goals gets inspired from the computing core. The incoming and outgoing of the flow of data is centred on this point. The choice of analytical tools is dependent on the complexity of your project. The basic reason of using the tool is to channelize data between Operational and Informational technology.

Lumada software makes things easier for you with its pre-built customized applications. You can connect your existing applications to the software and make continuous builds on top of the prevalent features. Not only placing your build, Lumada allows continuous testing and configuration of applications on the fly.

The following article by Mark Hung provides an architectural overview of Hitachi Vantara’s IOT appliance.

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., today unveiled a new appliance for internet of things (IoT) deployments: Hitachi IoT Appliance, powered by Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT platform. Delivered as a turnkey system, the appliance’s “hyperconverged meets microservices” architecture combines Hitachi’s best-in-class storage and compute with industry-leading networking technologies and comes fully integrated with Hitachi’s latest Lumada software. Read more here.

The IOT application from Hitachi comes with a ready to deployment feature. Needless to say, this seamless connectivity allows to continuously improve the business and see experimental benefits instantaneously.

The basic question that arises is considering the revolutionary benefits of IOT, why are not more companies approaching its techniques and usage. There are many factors that have stalled the active process of IOT adoption, the primary being security concerns. Deployment cycles are also quite complex, not all companies have the smooth plug and play features mastered by Hitachi.

Lumada has helped Hitachi in this mission with its powerful analytical capabilities thereby channelizing machine learning to automate critical business flows. The practical benefits have empowered solar farms and enterprise datacenters to increase their overall performance. The gross output has increased both in numbers as well as quality.

The following article by Rob Tiffany provides an outlook on the five significant features of Lumada IOT application platform.

Your competitors are trying to accelerate their digital transformation just like you are. Choosing the right IoT platform for your business will get you there quickly. Lumada gives you the intelligence, composability, security and flexibility to drive innovation and continuous improvement while keeping you ahead of your competitors. Let’s take a moment to look at the five pillars of Lumada’s end-to-end IoT ecosystem and what they can do for you. Read more here.

The five features that hold the bridge of Lumada application cohesively are Edge, Core, Analytics, Studio and Foundry. The volume of data derived from various platforms is huge. However, these data need to be properly channelized and given route to be made usable in your business. Data integration is costly and time consuming and can cause security breaches. Lumada Edge helps to overcome these shortcomings seamlessly.

The analysis and management of data is driven centrally by Lumada Core. The proper usage of these data and fine tuning them to make more apt usage from business perspective is done with Lumada Analytics. All reports pertaining to monitoring the behaviour of the key indices is covered by Lumada Studio. Deployment and post production support of Lumada is based on the microservices architecture. Lumada Foundry plays its role in here.

Hitachi Vantara has brought a revolution in the technological world with its IOT appliance powered by Lumada. Your business can see a significant change in performance using this latest OT and IT integration approach.