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Pros and Cons of a career path in SAP ERP

Pros and Cons of a career path in SAP ERP

SAP ERP is an exciting prospect for many. It leads to a career path that is stable in terms of pay and job stability. Many companies in the modern world use SAP ERP in one form or another.
While becoming a SAP consultant is exciting as a career prospect, it is no walk in the park to learn. There are many pros and cons to the job.

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Let us look at some of them.

1. You will get to work with Senior Business Analyst�s, IT Directors, CEO/CFOs. Working with these many high profile people allows you to build connections in the industry.
2. It is different from software development because you will work on different things. You can be a developer one day and then a business consultant the next, a tester the next, a negotiator/salesperson, a manager and the list goes on and on.
3. You will get to travel a lot. (Depending on the person this can be either a pro or a con)
4. You will never be out of work since there is such a large demand for SAP consultants and the rates are nothing to scoff at.
1. There is a lot of competition from individual contractors in the US resulting in a lot of the work being outsourced. The pay is, therefore, less when compared to a software developer�s pay.
2. Some people feel that the work isn�t as stimulating as software development. This is because you will end up solving business problems and not any logical problems.
3. Work can get boring and repetitive.
4. The bugs in SAP�s software will annoy you to no end.
5. Travelling is a con when you have a family.
6. Some people do not share their knowledge in the SAP consulting world.


Everything is a matter of perspective. If you talk to a cab driver, she/he will say that driving a truck is lucrative. Talk to a truck driver and she/he will say that driving a train is lucrative. If you move on to a train driver, a train driver will say a pilot�s job is more interesting. The bottom line is to find something you are interested in and talk to senior people who work in the field. While this list has more cons than pros, as already mentioned before it is all a matter of perspective.

Coolest Nerf guns every kid should own

Coolest Nerf guns every kid should own

Over the years, different toys have come and gone, but Nerf guns have stood the test of time. And this is because Nerf has kept a close pace with the trends and new technologies. This has given it an edge over other companies that manufacture toy guns.

Choosing a Nerf Gun for a friend or for your kids is likely going to be very difficult because there are so many on the market.

Buying a Nerf gun without doing some research is not a good idea. Giving careful consideration of the taste of the person you plan to buy a Nerf Gun for will help you choose a Nerf gun that he will love. That said, there are some cool Nerf Guns that every kid is likely going to love.

The following article by bestforthekids unveils some fifteen new Nerf guns every kid should own.

15 Best New Nerf Guns in 2018 for Your Kid’s Action-Packed Life

Different toys have come and gone, but the toy gun has always been a favourite. And while there are a lot of toy companies that churn out toy guns, few come close to the excitement that the best Nerf guns provide. Read more here

You likely now know some Nerf Guns every kid should own. Before purchasing a Nerf Gun, you have to take a learn more about its features. The fact that a Nerf Gun is expensive doesn’t always mean it will suit your needs. There are a lot of cheap Nerf’s Guns on the market that has excellent firing rate and are not prone to jamming.

The following article by Lee Mathews explains why one of the cheapest Nerf guns is a feat of engineering.

Why one of Nerf’s cheapest guns is a feat of engineering

Nerf’s Triad EX-3 is one of their cheaper dart blasters. You can pick one up for about five bucks, but don’t let the low price tag fool you. There’s some very clever engineering packed into its plastic bodyRead more here

You probably now why one of the cheapest Nerf guns on the market is a feat of engineering. This goes to show that a Nerf Gun doesn’t need to be expensive for it to be great. There are a lot of amazing Nerf Guns with cool features that are not expensive. Since every Nerf Gun in the market isn’t going to suit your needs, it is important that you buying Nerf blasters that a lot of people consider as cool.

The following article by Shelby Rogers shed light on ten cool Nerf Guns for the kid in everyone

Top 10 Coolest Nerf Guns Rigs for the kid in everyone 

Nerf guns might be made with kids in mind, but leave it to the “big kids” to take toy guns to a whole new level. These are our 15 favourite Nerf gun rigs – those same plastic pieces reconfigured for cool new usesRead more here.

You likely now know some of the coolest Nerf Guns on the market. Of course, you need to have it in mind that many of them can be modified and upgraded. If you don’t want to buy any of the new Nerf Guns on the market, then you should consider upgrading the ones you own. Learning how to modify a Nerf gun likely going to be difficult for you at first, but if you are persistent and dedicated you will get better at it.

Final note

Buying just any Nerf Gun for your kids or friends is certainly not a good idea, because they may not like it. Buying a popular Nerf Gun that is loved by a lot of people is a smart choice because there is a high possibility that they are going to like it too.

The fact that a Nerf Gun is expensive doesn’t always mean it is good. There a lot of cheap Nerf Guns in the market that has amazing features and firing system. Even more, they are balanced and don’t jam easily.

To conclude, before buying a Nerf gun, you have to check what others have to say about it. If the reviews of the Nerf Gun you plan you buy is good, then you can go ahead and buy it.