Pros and Cons of a career path in SAP ERP

Pros and Cons of a career path in SAP ERP

SAP ERP is an exciting prospect for many. It leads to a career path that is stable in terms of pay and job stability. Many companies in the modern world use SAP ERP in one form or another.
While becoming a SAP consultant is exciting as a career prospect, it is no walk in the park to learn. There are many pros and cons to the job.

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Let us look at some of them.

1. You will get to work with Senior Business Analyst�s, IT Directors, CEO/CFOs. Working with these many high profile people allows you to build connections in the industry.
2. It is different from software development because you will work on different things. You can be a developer one day and then a business consultant the next, a tester the next, a negotiator/salesperson, a manager and the list goes on and on.
3. You will get to travel a lot. (Depending on the person this can be either a pro or a con)
4. You will never be out of work since there is such a large demand for SAP consultants and the rates are nothing to scoff at.
1. There is a lot of competition from individual contractors in the US resulting in a lot of the work being outsourced. The pay is, therefore, less when compared to a software developer�s pay.
2. Some people feel that the work isn�t as stimulating as software development. This is because you will end up solving business problems and not any logical problems.
3. Work can get boring and repetitive.
4. The bugs in SAP�s software will annoy you to no end.
5. Travelling is a con when you have a family.
6. Some people do not share their knowledge in the SAP consulting world.


Everything is a matter of perspective. If you talk to a cab driver, she/he will say that driving a truck is lucrative. Talk to a truck driver and she/he will say that driving a train is lucrative. If you move on to a train driver, a train driver will say a pilot�s job is more interesting. The bottom line is to find something you are interested in and talk to senior people who work in the field. While this list has more cons than pros, as already mentioned before it is all a matter of perspective.

Coolest Nerf guns every kid should own

Coolest Nerf guns every kid should own

Over the years, different toys have come and gone, but Nerf guns have stood the test of time. And this is because Nerf has kept a close pace with the trends and new technologies. This has given it an edge over other companies that manufacture toy guns.

Choosing a Nerf Gun for a friend or for your kids is likely going to be very difficult because there are so many on the market.

Buying a Nerf gun without doing some research is not a good idea. Giving careful consideration of the taste of the person you plan to buy a Nerf Gun for will help you choose a Nerf gun that he will love. That said, there are some cool Nerf Guns that every kid is likely going to love.

The following article by bestforthekids unveils some fifteen new Nerf guns every kid should own.

15 Best New Nerf Guns in 2018 for Your Kid’s Action-Packed Life

Different toys have come and gone, but the toy gun has always been a favourite. And while there are a lot of toy companies that churn out toy guns, few come close to the excitement that the best Nerf guns provide. Read more here

You likely now know some Nerf Guns every kid should own. Before purchasing a Nerf Gun, you have to take a learn more about its features. The fact that a Nerf Gun is expensive doesn’t always mean it will suit your needs. There are a lot of cheap Nerf’s Guns on the market that has excellent firing rate and are not prone to jamming.

The following article by Lee Mathews explains why one of the cheapest Nerf guns is a feat of engineering.

Why one of Nerf’s cheapest guns is a feat of engineering

Nerf’s Triad EX-3 is one of their cheaper dart blasters. You can pick one up for about five bucks, but don’t let the low price tag fool you. There’s some very clever engineering packed into its plastic bodyRead more here

You probably now why one of the cheapest Nerf guns on the market is a feat of engineering. This goes to show that a Nerf Gun doesn’t need to be expensive for it to be great. There are a lot of amazing Nerf Guns with cool features that are not expensive. Since every Nerf Gun in the market isn’t going to suit your needs, it is important that you buying Nerf blasters that a lot of people consider as cool.

The following article by Shelby Rogers shed light on ten cool Nerf Guns for the kid in everyone

Top 10 Coolest Nerf Guns Rigs for the kid in everyone 

Nerf guns might be made with kids in mind, but leave it to the “big kids” to take toy guns to a whole new level. These are our 15 favourite Nerf gun rigs – those same plastic pieces reconfigured for cool new usesRead more here.

You likely now know some of the coolest Nerf Guns on the market. Of course, you need to have it in mind that many of them can be modified and upgraded. If you don’t want to buy any of the new Nerf Guns on the market, then you should consider upgrading the ones you own. Learning how to modify a Nerf gun likely going to be difficult for you at first, but if you are persistent and dedicated you will get better at it.

Final note

Buying just any Nerf Gun for your kids or friends is certainly not a good idea, because they may not like it. Buying a popular Nerf Gun that is loved by a lot of people is a smart choice because there is a high possibility that they are going to like it too.

The fact that a Nerf Gun is expensive doesn’t always mean it is good. There a lot of cheap Nerf Guns in the market that has amazing features and firing system. Even more, they are balanced and don’t jam easily.

To conclude, before buying a Nerf gun, you have to check what others have to say about it. If the reviews of the Nerf Gun you plan you buy is good, then you can go ahead and buy it.




Collective Insight – Intelligent Business And SAP Analytics

When an organization uses strategies and technology effectively to help their business, they have what we call an intelligent business. This kind of a model is time pervasive and should be accurate. Imagine what you can achieve by accelerating a wave of digital transformation with the help of business analytics solutions. To enhance your BI quotient and forward the case of business analytics you should try to incorporate machine learning which can help you gain prompt, accurate insights. You can then easily implement new processes and applications based on those insights.

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Once you have an SAP analytics platform in place, you can expect the following.
• The strength of cloud analytics – an integrative solution for all-pervasive data and its interpretation. One of the most important tools for ease of planning.
• Use of legacy data – BW/4HANA, creates a poll of legacy data and adds on to it, helping in trend analysis and help in decision making.
• Cloud makes the future – SAP intelligently merges cloud and on-premise data. Make the of your opportunities by taking advantage of it.
• It successfully carries out spontaneous and using information for each individual or device
• It can take very little time, to process data and work on analytics by integrating with the help of SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Business Warehouse application, and other SAP solutions on-premise and even on cloud
• Comprehensive data foundation with unmatched performance. Large-scale integration into SAP platform to help with insight followed by action
SAP leads as well as it can track records offering the analytics solutions that help business with valuable innovation. Other benefits include the fact that SAP effectively reduces design costs, employees generally take less time for training, resulting in shorter plan cycles. Fraud detection becomes more active, savings on key processes are made due to its real-time benefits.

How does SAP help with collective insight?
When data is stored separately and in a mutual system, it becomes less useful in today’s fast-paced world of digitalized business. It can only result in restricted insight. The scope of connected and memory boosted SAP enhances your business needs. The spontaneous insight handed out by SAP is accurate and it thereby helps to present a review and actions in case of risk or threat management and speeding scope for business and make revenue generation period durable.
The collective insight by SAP helps businesses to better comprehend the organizational functions and helps to plan and predict the future.

Environmental impact of paper industries

Paper is a cheap and easily available commodity in today’s markets. It is used for various purposes like writing,
printing etc. It is biodegradable as well. So how does this commodity pose any threat to the environment?

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The manufacture of paper is done by using wood from trees. Two types of wood i.e. softwood and hardwood are used for its manufacture. Trees can be cut down easily but it takes years for a tree to grow. So, with the number of trees being cut down on the higher side, it harms the environment in various ways. Plants and animals who are inhabitants of the forest lose their natural habitat. Trees take in carbon dioxide to give out oxygen and when the trees are gone carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. As carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, the greenhouse effect increases causing global warming.

Water is required in large quantities for the manufacture of paper. This water which is being taken from some fresh water body in such large quantity can be utilized by animals, plants or humans for their day to day survival and it would last for a longer time when used wisely. Not only are the paper and pulp companies taking large quantities of water from freshwater bodies but they also dispose off their waste chemical effluents in the lakes or rivers near which they are situated, making it poisonous or unusable.

The gases released from the paper companies cause smog, acid rain, greenhouse etc. Sulpher oxides, nitrogen oxides, lead, cadmium, mercury are among the few gases emitted from these industries. Other than gases they also release particulate matter which causes respiratory problems and are carcinogens.

When paper is discarded, that is also a threat to the environment. This is because of toxic inks, dyes and other polymers which could mix with water and contaminate them or when burnt they form carcinogenic particles or smoke.

In the paper industry, the process of manufacturing paper includes heating water and other chemicals with wood chippings of hard and soft wood for several hours. To heat water, fuel has to be burnt. Fossil fuels are burnt for this purpose. Other than this, the paper produced is transported in vehicles which operate by combustion of fuel. Other processes like recycling and disposal also need fuels for its operation. During all these processes which include combustion of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is produced which is a greenhouse gas.

How the Quality of a Wedding Reception Gets Enhanced with a Live Band

If you love to party and if you feel that your wedding reception should have a great concert atmosphere, you must necessarily opt for a live band for the occasion. Though you can expect such a good result from a reputed band, you can further enhance the quality of the ambiance if you bestow your attention on a few points while embarking upon your research on live band music for occasions. Let us elaborate.

1. Remember having the right band to play during your wedding reception will make the occasion a memorable one. As experts point out, when people listen to the music that is played during the reception, they will easily slip into the right mood so they will soak in the ambiance and experience utmost enjoyment. For example, a jazz band singapore can give attendees a warm and fuzzy feeling to prepare for the wedding speech. In other words, having the most suitable band perform during your wedding reception will enhance the quality of the occasion.

2. Keep in mind the fact that the task of choosing the most suitable band for your wedding reception is almost similar to choosing other providers like the florists, bakers and photographers. This means that only if you carry out the task of making your choice carefully, you can have the best results. Therefore, when you are checking various types of live band music for occasions or when you are talking to the bands you have short-listed, ask them if they have dedicated and experienced performers with them. Never forget the fact that there may be world of difference between the performances given by experienced professionals and those provided by novices.

Firstly, experienced professionals will understand the mood of the audience and perform accordingly. On the contrary, those who lack experience may want to show-case what all they know and by doing so, they may make the audience go restless. In other words, they may not be able to read the pulse of the audience.

Similarly, experienced performers know the tricks of the trade and so, as soon as they observe that the enthusiasm of the audience has started sagging, they immediately come out with an enlivening music that revives the mood of the audience and enhances the quality of the occasion.

Further, experienced professionals may be aware that the invitees to a wedding reception may consist of both elderly people and younger folks as well as children. Hence, they will use their experience and versatility and play different types of music for catering to the expectations of every group. In other words, they will not allow any group to feel let down.

On the contrary, those performers who are new to the game may not know this secret and so, there are chances of some of your invitees feeling let down. Therefore, you are advised to opt for a band that has experienced performers with them so you need not worry if the quality of your wedding reception will be to your expectations.

3. Your wedding reception is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion and hence, you cannot afford to make compromises while choosing a live band. You should ensure that the band you engage performs the best and improves the quality of the event.

The only way to ensure this is to ask for references from the bands with which you are speaking. Once they provide references of the past users, you can get in touch with those past users and inquire if the track-records of the bands are good, if they will be able to perform in tune with the occasions for which they are hired and if they will provide optimum entertainment to the audience. This exercise will help in further short-listing the bands. You can delve still deeper and choose “the best among the equals.”

To summarize, if you carefully choose a band with an excellent track-record, you will certainly succeed in enhancing the quality of your wedding reception.

Is having a live wedding band nowadays worth it and how to go about doing it?

In today’s economy, during the greatest occasion of one’s lifetime, which is none other then your wedding. Anyone would be willing to splurge any amount of money in order to make it the grandest affair by investing in all sorts of costs. From the a posh hotel which a good menu, to a good host and hostess and recently, the rage has been hiring a live band during the wedding who not just entertain anyone but also cater to everyone’s musical and gastronomical taste. But at what costs? The burning question is whether it is worth going about severely burdening your wedding budget. Even if we would one to proceed it, how do we go about selecting the right live wedding band at the right costs and fit?

The following article by Sandy Malone from discusses upfront what are the hidden costs that are usually overlooked.

The Hidden Costs of a Live Wedding Band

Have you always envisioned a live band playing at your wedding reception? Do you have a specific kind of music in mind? Do you want a cover band, or traditional wedding band that plays a wide variety? Maybe you’re looking for a Big Band sound, or music reflective of the culture of the place that you’re getting married.

Live music can add an extra special boost to a wedding reception if you choose a good group. The rub is that bands (all kinds of bands) are expensive. How expensive depends on their popularity, their size, and whether they’re locally based for your wedding reception.

What you have to keep in mind when you’re pricing your live music options for your wedding reception is that there are frequently additional charges that you’ll also have to accommodate, and they probably won’t be mentioned when you ask how much the five or six hour performance will cost at your wedding reception.Read more here!

Now that we already know the hidden costs to look out for from a live wedding , we start exploring how to go about looking for the right live wedding band. At first glance, there are many ways to start. We could start by asking around for recommendations, asking our relatives and friend are great ways to start after after a while we realise that we would need to take the pragmatic approach to this problem given the large investment cost at stake. The following article by weddingbeauty gives some great insights how to get started.

A Guide To Hiring A Great Live Wedding Band

Getting the music right for your big day is crucial. Many people decide to cut corners and do their own music with an iPod, and if you get it right, it can work. On the other hand, it’s a safer bet to put your important wedding music into the hands of a professional, like a DJ. However, you might also be considering taking the big leap and hiring a live wedding band.

When it comes to music, nothing compares to the vibrancy of seeing and hearing it made right before your eyes – and for your big day, you deserve to splash out.

Of course, hiring a live band isn’t something you do every day of the week, and once you start to do your research, you’ll realise that knowing who to pick really is quite difficult. Great live music is often what people remember the most about a wedding reception – but the same is also true when the wedding band was… less than great.

So here’s how to get that important choice right, our tips for hiring a wedding band. Read more here !

Finally now we have covered the hub and spokes of hiring a live wedding band in singapore, how to look about managing the costs and also looking at getting the right live wedding band. It seem like we are all set and ready to go! The big question reads, is that all? Are we ready to proceed with this big investment? No! We have missed out one very important point, that is, the main product deliverable. The music! The following article by ioulord discusses whether to go for a live wedding band or a function band as it determines on the genre of music and type of singers we will be getting.

Do You Need To Find A Function Band Or Live Wedding Band?

If you are having a function such as a birthday party, corporate event or you are having a wedding – the music is going to be one of the most important aspects of the party. Of course you have other things like the food and the flowers and or decorations, but if you need a way to jazz up the party (no pun intended) you are going to need good entertainers to spice it up. One of the ways of going about this is to get a band for hire – for a party or occasion or to hire a London wedding band for your nuptials or the party afterward.

In order to do this you are going to have to do a bit of research, but in the end it’s really going to pay off big time! Just because you need to hire a band doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. There are numerous “companies” out there that are willing to work with your discretion and your budget. Usually they will work with a five to nine piece line-up, but if you are willing and able to spend a little more you can incorporate more band members and singers along with the basic five-piece band with one, two or three brass players according to your budget.Read more here!

To conclude, getting a live band for your wedding really requires thorough decision making cost-wise most importantly followed by how are to do about researching and locating the right band, how to utilize you’re your existing networks to gain information and how to reach out to additional resources in order to make an informed decision and lastly determining if your live band has the right musical products and talents to meet yours and your audience’s musical appetite.




Top Ten Most Valuable Records

After searching the Internet for the world’s Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records, one can be sure that the lists can be subjective, vary from country to country and will fluctuate over time. For instance, the copy of John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy” LP, the one that he signed for Mark David Chapman just a few hours before he was shot to death, is at the top of a common list. However, the record remains unsold, so the asking price may not be exactly what the record is worth. With the recent death of Michael Jackson, copies of “Thriller” were selling at more than three times what the record price guides listed and Jackson’s rare vinyl has also skyrocketed. Although the prices for his more common records will even out, one can assume his rare vinyl will remain at high prices.

In all actuality, a record is worth what someone will pay for it; which is true of most collectibles. Many variables will effect the price, such as demand, the death of an artist, the condition of the vinyl itself, just to name a few. However, in the case of vinyl records, there are some recording artists that always show up on the ‘top ten’ lists, including the Beatles and the Sex Pistols. My guess is that there will always be a demand for the Fab Four and the Sex Pistols, hence the prices for their records and the rare ones will always be on the high end of any list. Also, the lists include acetates, which are another rare form of a record release.

Now, chances are slim that you will find one of these rare records at a flea market or garage sale, but as all vinyl record collectors know, it is the hunt that is one of the most satisfying elements of the hobby.

If we take a look at the three lists below we see that the early Beatles work done as the Quarrymen show up on both the Wikipedia list and the list from the Telegraph in the UK. Also, the Beatles show up as the one that command the most money at (according to their database).

Placing A Value On Vinyl Records

One element of the ever changing music industry is that the sale of vinyl records has increased and that these audio treasures are still in demand. In our age of digital products and downloads, there are still millions who prefer the sound and experience of vinyl records. In this article, let’s explore how a person can ascertain just how much a particular record is worth.

There are many factors and variables that come into play, whether buying or selling records. The ‘grading’ of a record is very subjective and because no two people grade the record the same, many problems arise when reselling new and used vinyl.

The value of a record is, and this is putting it in a very simplistic way, is what a person is willing to pay another person or business for the record. But there are many other variables that must be considered to put a value on a record, let’s look at them:

There is a common misconception that because a record is old, that it is valuable. On the contrary, some records that are just a few months old have more value than some that are 50 years old. And, while it is true that some bands and artists are more sought after and command a better resale price, the condition of the record is paramount, whether the record is a week old or seventy years old; age is not a determining factor, but condition is.


There are several different methods of grading records and unfortunately there is no ‘standard’ that everyone uses. But let’s look at one of the more widely accepted grading methods, which is in the “Rockin’ Records” price guide, written by the genre’s leading authority; Jerry Osborne. In this method, the record are given a certain ‘grade’ as to their condition, here are the grades:

Mint (M)- an absolutely perfect record in every way-to allow for a tiny blemish or flaw, this record would be considered Near Mint, which is the highest grade used the in the Osborne record price guides and what the prices in the record guides reflect.

Very Good (VG) – records in this condition should have a minimum of visual or audio imperfections that do not detract from your enjoyment and listening pleasure. You may see a plus or minus after this grade.

Good (G) – From a practical standpoint, this grade may mean the record is a good enough copy to fill a gap in your collection until you can secure a better copy. This record will show obvious signs of wear and tear and play all the way through without skipping.

The prices quoted in the record guides are for records in Near Mint condition. Osborne explains what you can expect using the following formula. For very good condition, the record is worth 25-50% of the Near Mint price listed in his guides. For Good, figure 10-25% of the near mint price given in his guides. Another common mistake is that people take the price in the guides, grade the record and then do not ‘downgrade’ for the flaws and condition issues.

Another confusing aspect to this method is that some records might be listed as VG + or VG- or VG++ or NM-. But, what exactly is the person grading the record mean with these notations? Is it for the record, the sleeve, the LP jacket or the record itself? You can see why this way of grading can be very confusing to someone just starting a record collection.

Osborne also suggests a ten point grading scale and some feel that this system allows for a more precise description of the record than the mint, very good, good scale. Here is the scale:

9- Near Mint
8- better than VG but below NM
7- VG
6- better than Good but below VG
5- Good
4- better than Poor but below Good
3- Poor
2 and 1- why bother adding these to a collection?

I prefer the ten point scale, as it eliminates some of the confusion and provides a better description than VG- or VG++ or G-. One important factor that Osborne stresses is to be honest about the condition and grade, meaning apply the same standard to the record you want to buy or sell as you would want the seller or buyer to give. But, and this goes along with Osborne’s recommendation, is a TRUST factor. You must assume and trust that the person giving the grade to the record is honest and will be held accountable for the grade.

But just because a record is visually acceptable may not mean it plays that way, so one must take that into consideration as well. So if you are buying a record you may also ask if it plays the grade that it was given. A long time ago, these two went together, but it seems that we have gotten away from this.

Another element in the grading process, and I have seen this done several ways, is the condition of the LP jacket, picture sleeve, inserts and liner notes. Some sellers may give you two ratings, one for the record and one for the other elements. There are some very valuable album covers and picture sleeves (from 45 rpm records) and these must also be accounted for in the selling price or the value of a vinyl record.

As you can see, this is a ‘gray area’ when buying and selling vinyl and one that is very subjective. Condition is the most important factor when buying and selling vinyl and when buying records you must be able to find a trustworthy seller and ascertain which method they are using to grade what they have for sale. And, as previously stated, the record price guides lists the prices for records in near mint condition, so that must be taken into account. Obviously, this all can be a bit confusing for a beginner, but a little common sense and education can help any buyer in their quest to add to their collection.


Many, many millions of vinyl records are in circulation, with almost every household in the US, either having some vinyl records at one time or another. We even had a vinyl record ‘boon’ from around 1955-1980. But, how many of those records are still around and more importantly, what condition are they in?

For instance, rhythm and blues records from the 1950’s suffered from poor promotion and publicity, therefore there were fewer of these that were pressed. The record companies that produced these particular records were small and lacked the resources that the larger record companies enjoyed, some may have been limited to only one or two thousand being pressed, On the other hand, the Beatles records were massed produced and they benefited from much larger pressings and are a fairly common record (depending on the label) and some are not worth as much as one might think. This brings us to another element-demand.


Like any other commodity, vinyl records are subject to the old supply and demand adage that is prevalent in any free market society. Record values were affected by the Internet age, especially with the many online auction sites. Records that were thought to be rare and valuable suddenly came out of the closets and basements and were put up for sale and brought some prices down. But, that has evened out at this time and the record price guides and prices reflect that. If there is a demand for a certain genre or artist, chances are the price will go up, more people want these type of record and there is more competition for them. For instance, the music genre called Northern Soul (commonly known as Motown) enjoyed resurgence in sales in the past few years, driving up the prices. Conversely, there is not a lot of demand for classical music (in fact, there aren’t even any price guides for this genre of music); therefore you cannot expect to get much for the records.


This element of putting a value on a vinyl record goes hand in hand with the relative scarcity of the record. Many special musical genres in recorded music often command a higher price because of their place in music history. For instance, the early roots of country music from the early 1930s and 1940’s, early jazz recordings, the rock and roll ‘infancy’ recordings (including rockabilly, rhythm and blues, the ‘girl’ groups of the 60’s, ) are often highly sought after and therefore of more value. Some early Motown, psychedelic music, surf music, garage band rock and doo wop often command a higher price because these are records that have a prominent historical value in recorded sound.

Artist or Group

Obviously, there are some musical icons that sell better than others and are in command. Early Elvis records, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix just to name a few all command top dollar because there is always a demand for these records. But that is not to say that some obscure bands or artists are precluded from being valuable, on the contrary, there may be an artist that you have never heard of and the record may be selling for thousands of dollars.

LP Jacket, Inserts, Picture Sleeves

When issued, some records came with an added incentive and that is also collected and can add value to a record. LP’s came with fantastic artwork, inner sleeves with liner notes, lyrics, posters, cut out and all these elements are included when establishing a resale price. Again, the condition of these ‘extras’ must be taken into account when ascertaining the value of the record. 45rpm records came with picture sleeves and some of them are even more valuable than the record that they may hold.

The Year of Release

First pressings may be of more value than a reissue of the same record ten years later. For instance, a Beatles record that was released in 1965 is of more value to a collector than a reissue that was released in 1980.

The Record Label

Some record labels are also more collectible than others. Old R & B or jazz on the record label Bluenote is generally worth more than if the same music and artist are released on another label. Another example is Beatles’ records released on the Capitol record label as opposed to the Vee Jay label. For instance, if you were to own the record “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on the Capitol label, it will generally be worth more than the same record on the Apple label (which was formed after the record was issued). Certainly there are exceptions, but there are a lot of record labels that suffered from poor distribution and, quite frankly, there are not that many to be had.

Stereo vs. Mono

As a general statement, all 45’s manufactured by all record labels after 1970 were pressed in stereo. But there were labels that issued records between 1957-1970 that were issued in both formats, and you would have to check the catalog number of the record to find out which one you may have. Some mono versions may be worth more than there stereo counterparts, while some records in stereo may be worth more than mono; it all depends on the artist and label.

As we review this article, we see that there are many elements that can factor into ascertaining what a record may be worth. We have covered the basics, there are more like picture discs, colored vinyl, promotional releases, misprints, why even the color of the record label may affect the price; but this is a good starting point. One element we should highlight is what you get for a record can also be determined to who you are selling the record to, a dealer will probably give you only a portion of what the record may be worth, or you may be able to find a rare and valuable record at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. And that is the fun part for record collectors!